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Tooth Extraction (Simple or Surgical Exodontia, Wisdom Teeth Removal) – Greenville, SC

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About Tooth Extractions

If a tooth is the reason for significant infection, pain, or discomfort, it may be deteriorating or injured beyond care and require a dentist to pull out the tooth. An extraction can be needed in an emergency after an injury or trauma or the extraction is also arranged to stop an issue, for example having the wisdom teeth taken out to stop an impaction. A simple extraction is done if the tooth is already above the gumline, but a surgical extraction is performed if the tooth is not fully erupted from the gumline. To aid each patient in understanding if they may benefit from a surgical or simple extraction, our dentists at DentalWorks - Greenville SC in Greenville, SC will use digital X-rays and perform a physical exam to identify any issues.

What to Expect

To perform a simple extraction, a local anesthetic is often used to numb the area, then our dentists loosen the tooth and take out the whole tooth from the jawbone. Our dentists will slowly disconnect the tooth away from the gum tissue and ligaments, and finally our dentists will wash and seal the socket. In a surgical extraction, the patient is usually prepared with local anesthesia with sedation or the patient is put under with general anesthesia. To take out the tooth, our dentists must surgically cut all the way through the soft tissue and bone. In some patients, our dentists will cut the tooth into smaller pieces for faster extraction. As soon as the tooth is taken out, the socket will be rinsed and stitched close.

Treatment Aftercare

After a tooth extraction, a blood clot will develop in the socket of the removed tooth that the patient should keep hygienic and observe for warnings of infection. Our dentists may suggest over-counter pain medication for any tenderness after the extraction or our dentists may give the patient a prescription painkillers. Patients may want to follow a diet of liquid and soft foods for a few days after the tooth extraction. Patients will want to be gentle while brushing their teeth to avoid opening the socket while it mends. The gum tissue and bone will begin to heal a week or two after the procedure, although it may be as long as 5 - 6 months before the mouth is entirely recovered.

Insurance Coverage

If the extraction is medically necessary, some of the cost will typically be covered by insurance. The coverage may be different based on whether the patient requires a simple or surgical extraction, so DentalWorks - Greenville SC will determine the patient's benefits and out-of-pocket bill. DentalWorks - Greenville SC in Greenville, SC works with several financing plans and our dentists accept several payment options.

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Remove and Restore

Whether you need your wisdom teeth taken out or if you need an emergency extraction after an injury or trauma, please contact DentalWorks - Greenville SC in Greenville, SC to go over your options. Our dentists can help you with simple or surgical extractions that improves your dental health.

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